GCF / 1.1 Remake GCF / 1.1 Remake


Gabriel Ananda / Daniel Mehlhart / Quazar Gabriel Ananda / Daniel Mehlhart / QuazarGCF / 1.1 Remake

8 / 10

Gabriel Ananda / Daniel Mehlhart / Quazar  GCF / 1.1 Remake BASMATI (Basmati #02, 12” + digital)

I never quite got why Gabriel Ananda’s releases were in the minimal section. The German dude has never produced economical-sounding tracks, and he doesn’t get stuck on the loop until people get bored. Plus, supporting this premise, he has always chosen to construct long cuts with the same structure as a modern TV sitcom: a great argument that joins the ten or eleven minutes of duration, and inside of it, mini episodes which can end up on cliff-hanger or a crescendo. His particular techno flows and communicates. When Gabriel Ananda produces this way, he gets the best results possible - I can recall a couple of references on the Karmarouge label that are legendary, in particular the thirteen minutes of progression on “ Ihre Persönliche Glücksmelodie (Extended Live Mix)”. Ananda is already a techno veteran with a consolidated reputation, but he keeps on working with the same passion as a debutante. He has know founded the record label Basmati –named for the variety of rice- to produce and release whatever he pleases, and this is the result: a collaboration with Daniel Mehlhart (“GCF”) that goes round and round in between analogue kick drums and vocal snippets as percussion, plus a remix originally recorded by Quazar in 1997 –“ 1.1.Remake”–, where any kind of minimalist association disappears: it takes off from the original Germanic Trance and it returns to the new “maximalist” Techno which is doing the rounds of the Berlin Clubbing scene. A vinyl designed to destroy your footwear. Richard Ellmann

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