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CARPARK RECORDS (CAK068, 12” + CD + digital)

This is a great year for Chaz Bundick. Passing the exam of the second album with honours - and with a visible improvement to his live shows - he wants to end 2011 the way he started it: through the big doors with a standing ovation. To make that happen, he came up with this “Freaking Out EP”, recorded in a couple of weeks of spare time. These five tracks aren't discarded tracks from the “Underneath The Pine” sessions - and it shows – but Toro Y Moi do continue to explore similar genres.

Before the release of “Freaking Out EP” we could already listen to two of its tracks. On the first, “Saturday Love”, we found a good declaration of intent in the form of some classic R&B from 1985 by Cherelle and Alexander O’ Neal, sampled by everyone from Queen Latifah to Junior Jack. Toro Y Moi leave out the O’ Neal fragment in favour of the piano and the catchy chorus “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Love”. Then there was “All Alone”, cut according to similar electro-funk patterns. This also goes for the title track, possibly the weakest song on the EP; although Bundick’s Prince imitation is still worth a listen.

The best part of the record is the tandem “Sweet” and “I Can Get Love”, which could have easily been two lost tracks from the Roulé label. The first features some cut-up vocals in true R&B style, while the second is a piece of floor-filling disco-house. A glorious tribute to the time when Alan Braxe, Stardust and Romanthony were all over the record stores. The music, though classy, is still reminiscent of neon lights, cruising up and down Ocean Drive in Miami in a pink cabriolet with Don Johnson; we're the first passengers on this trip through time.

Álvaro García Montoliu

Toro Y Moi -- All Alone by Mistletone

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