Fram / Iddy Fram / Iddy


Blawan BlawanFram / Iddy

7 / 10

Blawan  Fram / Iddy HESSLE AUDIO (HES013, 12” + digital)

If we had to write a list of candidates to replace Burial, like Jacob in “Lost,” the most probable name on the list would be Blawan, who display enough qualities to enter a small elite of producers who are into hazy 2step beats hidden between layers of angelic and malefic voices. It is so similar that Blawan still hasn’t shown their face nor revealed their identity. So there are a couple rumours. Some argue that we are talking about a certain J. Roberts, a young debutante at the Hessle Audio label. Other theories say it could be one of the founders of Hessle, Ben UFO, who would be channelling his love for dubstep with this low profile project. In the end, who’s Blawan? We don’t know and we don’t care, because for now the music is good enough to eclipse a name, that probably, it would end up being the one from a shy lad with a passion for producing tracks and whom to, a public profile is something that would bother more than would crave. “ Fram” packs more punches than “ Iddy”: an exploration of the dark side of 2step-garage, the breaks are doubled up so to create an arrhythmic loop, like playing “ South London Boroughs” by Burial on plus ten. “ Iddy” is a more relaxing track, though with more similarities to dubstep noir (think of Pangaea and Ramadanman). For now, Blawan doesn’t shine, but this is just the beginning. Javier Blánquez


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