Fox Trot Manierisms Fox Trot Manierisms


Pursuit Grooves Pursuit GroovesFox Trot Manierisms

7 / 10

Pursuit Grooves  Fox Trot Manierisms TECTONIC (TEC038, CD + 12”)

Conscious lyrics and galactic beats: the sum of these two elements could easily be the production team Sa-Ra Creative Partners, which is pretty much how this debut sounds. Previously Pursuit Grooves had self-released three albums more difficult to track down than Bin Laden’s beard. But it’s not just a resemblance to neo-soul that “Fox Trot Manierisms” is offering. There’s plenty more, and everything about this extended EP is somehow unusual. The fact that Vanese Smith lives in Brooklyn is not surprising, but it is perplexing that the Bristol Tectonic has chosen to publish 7 cuts that are so distant from their accustomed inflexible, sometimes impenetrable dubstep (Pinch, Cyrus, 2562). “Fox Trot Manierisms” is songs of light and emotion that have nothing to do with the English hardcore tradition. Pursuit Grooves could be inserted at the modern soul school, distancing itself from the more radio friendly muses like Jill Scott or Erykah Badu and getting closer to the rarer and more bizarre LA varieies. “Whisper” sounds like Ras-G’s astral-soul hanging from a vicious atmosphere, while “Mr Softee” sounds like Flying Lotus producing by commission of Motown’s big. A lesson of elegance and sexy completion, this not music to make love to but instead let the sound do it to you. Do you feel a bit a pleasure? Claude T. Hill


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