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8 / 10

Demdike Stare  Forest Of Evil MODERN LOVE (Love060, 12” + digital)

If you have ever thought of sacrificing a goat and you’ve wondered which type of soundtrack would be the appropriate -there’s a difference between choosing the music for a sex session than a black magic one- , this Demdike Stare’s two long pieces could be the perfect answer to your query if you have misplaced your Coil CD last time you visited the dungeon: at 25 minutes long, enough time for the animal to have a total blood lost. As if by reading out loud the exact words to quench Azathoth’s implacable thirst for domination, jokes aside, or to complete a mental journey, I think the duo formed by Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty have found their true voice on the much hyped album “Symbiosis” (2009). As long as mantras , both cuts on “ Forest Of Evil” - subtitled “ Dusk” and “ Dawn”, the former is cloudy A side while the latter B side gets close to rendition - show their strength by precisely developing themselves calmly.

Demdike Stare is an esoteric sampled project that extends its tentacles as far away as the long gone past of “mysterious” music- radio sound effects, science fiction film’s music library, horror movies, electro-acoustic pop experiments, jazz bass drums and saxophones, rough echoes from nature- as they reach to a clinical present time by evoking dubby-techno, Birmingham’s industrial dance music and the house, IDM, trip hop, dubstep styles where occasionally you can find these “ enchanted” echoes. By a cut-up method, through strokes and sketches, all the aforementioned can be found on both “ Forest Of Evil” tracks. This is the score of a dream tinted with shadows of nightmares and sweet disposition, this is the first part of trilogy according to Modern love. They know how to tease us with a cult line of releases.

Javier Blánquez

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