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Venetian Snares Venetian SnaresFool The Detector

6.6 / 10

Aaron Funk's huge output over the past decade makes it almost impossible to assess which of his new releases are really worth your money and which are put out as a provocation, just to annoy you. There's some kind of consensus according to which his best records are: the “classically” inspired “Rossz Csillag Alatt Született” (2005) and “My Downfall (Original Soundtrack)” (2007). Both not only use strings, but are also albums on which intimacy is more important than the double-twisted IDM. In that sense, “Fool The Detector” - his new EP on his own Timesig, in co-production with Planet Mu - doesn't provide the pain and humanity of other Venetian Snares records. Instead, it's another slice of super-fast rhythms, distorted vocals, acid lashes and mockery; a return to the origins of breakcore.

“Ego DSP” says a lot in its title: digital distortion and his own voice used as a confusing effect. It sounds so inhuman and non-harmonic that it's reminiscent of what Carlos Giffoni did recently on Evidence. Furthermore, to add insult to injury, he uses acid bass lines to embellish it all. This first track is a summary of the entire EP: Venetian Snares giving it his all, tightening the rope, making you nervous, playing for his own pleasure without caring about the potential nervous breakdown of the unsuspecting listener (though they could always press the 'stop' button). “Fool The Detector” has a sombre intro, similar to the necrological moods of “My Downfall”, although the calm is quickly disturbed by a tsunami of ultra-fast breaks and troglodyte voices. This is repeated on “Chriohn”, although it’s less hysterical and uses arpeggios sounding like a clavichord, before the headache and racing pulse return on “Index Pavilion”, which is a millimetre away from hardcore-techno territory. In short: mixed feelings all around. It looks like Venetian Snares wants to recover his humanity, but simultaneously crushes it with the avalanche of sabotages and jokes he's always used (which stopped being funny quite some time ago).

Fool The Detector

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