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EGLO (EGLO11, 12” + digital)

While the true identity of Arp.101 seems to be protected (albeit not for long, we fear – we’ve reason to believe that it’s Alix “Perez” Depaux, the drum’n’bass beast), his radioactive and multicoloured sound goes beyond the limits of genres and niches, only to become a phenomenon on the British bass scene. The first 12” released under this alias already caused quite a stir among searchers of new stimuli related to the elastic sounds of boogie. “Dead Leaf” was a chaotic and somewhat less sexy version of what FunkinEven is doing, and fortified the role of Eglo, the label of Alexander Nut and Floating Points, as a guarantee for quality. The funk, distilled with care in their bodegas, had the corrosion of acid, the humorous touch of the arcade game melodies and the golden sound of mid-eighties electronic pop, a palette of textures similar to that of the transition period from disco to techno.

Okay, so Arp.101 has once again taken some finished work from his hard disk and “Flush” is –dare I say– a more complete and convincing follow-up to “Dead Leaf”. Not only because there are three cuts –one more than on its predecessor–, but because the three are spectacular, and they take the neo-boogie aesthetics with sizzling basslines and 8bit arrangements one step further. Like the good junglist beatmaker that he is, Alix –if it’s really him, of course– knows how to sustain the rhythmic architecture of the tracks. He props up the beat, which is always slow and slippery, and underneath, like an undercurrent, all kinds of basslines are flowing at different speeds. After that you only need to decorate it with what sounds like a Joker-style “purple sound” and wait for the clubbers’ feet to start to move. He could do with a bit of 303, which is what makes FunkinEven such a wanted item among electronica lovers, but he’ll get there. Nothing can stop the progression of Arp.101.

Ronald Fritze

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