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La Fleur La FleurFlower Head Ep

7 / 10

La Fleur  Flower Head Ep POWER PLANT (PP001, 12” + digital)

La Fleur is not a “ there’s a new sheriff in town” name, neither it is the new Dharma complex security chief identity. There is no stubble, muscle toned torso or golden long hair that drive them crazy. La Fleur, on the contrary, has beautiful arms tattooed with flowers -these come close second in the order of priorities after House music- a slender figure and dark long hair that probably sends them crazy too. Yes, we are talking about a female: she’s is Swedish, she is not a “Lost” character and she has produced quite an interesting debut EP. To start with, let’s talk about the sound: tense, firm, with the right amount of compression. A sound where the deep vibes, passionate and carnal, are balanced with a perfect digital treatment - mechanical, professional and cerebral.

Et La Fleur” has a certain progressive halo, it is the typical track that builds bit by bit until it culminates on a smooth crescendo which explodes thanks to a surprising sample -in this case, a French pop classic, “ Les Rubans Et La Fleur” by France Gall- that could become the perfect soundtrack to summer sunrises in Ibiza. Though, if you ask me which is the most consistent side of the vinyl, perhaps I should say “ Flowerhead” : it founds its strength on another sixties sample, but without pursuing the same climax that ends up working against itself. Once the surprise element it’s out of the way, it looses its appeal and it becomes tiresome. The structure is lenient and the textures at the beginning of the track are similar to, a weakness of mine, Orbital’s bleep-house. From the start, we trust Sanna La Fleur Engdahl. Ellen, Anja, Dinky: you better watch out. Richard Ellmann

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