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7 / 10

Sirusmo  Feromonikon / Signal


When something comes with the warranty of Modeselektor, you know that little can go wrong. You expect a shot of pseudo-rave energy and it’s almost always like that: with the usual horn sounds, and the melodic hooks that scrape as if they came from the hands of Freddy Kruger. On “Feromonikon”, Siriusmo, the Berlin duo’s soulmate, seems to want to produce a caricature of himself: the levels of endorphines, testosterone and (logically) pheromones reach heights that would worry any doctor. There’s an explosive mix of early Daft Punk, “Hello Mom!”-era Modeselektor and the uptempo tunes of Miss Kittin, which shouldn’t be underrated because of its simplicity in execution and results. The first impression can be annoying, exhausting even, but it’s impossible that this piece won’t fall on some dancefloor like a fistful of sweets thrown from a car: that’s its mission, to please at peaktime, when closing time is near and the lights are about to prick the dilated pupils like needles.

That’s why I get the feeling that “Signal”, the B-side, is a counterweight that tries to reduce the sugar load. A signal, as the title indicates: slower, more poppy, trying to show that Moritz Friedrich is more than a troglodyte and that he has feelings, too. It sounds like a prim version of Apparat’s music, with bells and counterpoints, albeit without ever forgetting about that happy 4x4 accompanied by drumrolls. This music is war, but it’s a just war: extreme heat on one side of the vinyl, contained beauty on the other. I think that’s fair.

Richard Ellmann

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