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8 / 10

MAN MAKE MUSIC (MMAKEM001, 12” + digital)

George Fitzgerald's style is completely consolidated. This 12” - the first on his own label - is the document that confirms what everybody thought after his two releases on Hotflush: the boy has a good nose for the finer melodies, a distinct taste for 2step and garage and the consistent intention of making optimistic party music, with no room for darkness. He's more or less the same age as Joy Orbison and it would be inadequate to call him an “heir” (mostly because Joy O. is, thanks to “Sicko Cell”, in top shape), but there is no other artist on the London post-dubstep scene who knows how to cause the same sensations than Fitzgerald. “Fernweh”, the A-side of this two-tracker, is the moment when the lights are turned on: bright and golden synths sound, sparks of female vocals fly and the historical memory is recovered of that branch of British rave music that appeals to the most skin deep sensations and female pressure. George Fitzgerald - if he would develop his tracks according to a song structure - would be the best young producer to take over from MJ Cole, rather than to follow in Joy Orbison's footsteps. “Hearts” is another ideal example, another sign that everything is going great for him. On this track, the structure is more reminiscent of “Hyph Mngo”; dubstep with springs, swaying, floating on a cloud of deep synths. From now on, the only risk George Fitzgerald will be running is that of repeating himself. But if he repeats himself doing tracks like these, it's all good.

Richard Ellmann

Fernweh / Hearts - MMAKEM001 by George FitzGerald

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