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Ninca Leece Ninca LeeceFeed Me Rainbows

9 / 10

Ninca Leece  Feed Me Rainbows THESONGSAYS (SONG-003, 12” + digital)

If the music press had the same power today as it did way back when, it could see to it that justice be done for Ninca Leece, and send a lot more fame and notoriety her way than the French chanteuse with a German heart currently enjoys. In her songs we find what’s been lost (or at least, what’s been diminishing) in Ellen Alien and Dinky’s creations for some time: the warmth of the voice and the final emotion of the songs. Many other “tech-house girls” produce tracks and they play them (as DJs), but their hearts don’t always beat with passion - they are not capable of emitting that emotional fragility that is present in “Feed Me Rainbows”. We could be witnessing a generational change here, something that has been coming since her previous album, “There Is No One Else When I Lay Down And Dream” ( Bureau B, 2010), came out on Thesongsays, Bruno Pronsato’s exquisite label. The title track stretches over ten minutes and never falters in its composure: it’s delicate without interruption and the “Pronsato touch” is evident – the principal pattern repeats itself without hurry, with hardly any variation, and from that iron insistence comes an explosive emotional inflammation. If you listen carefully and patiently to “Feed Me Rainbows”, you’ll notice that the elements are Ninca’s cotton voice, a very slow and colourful house beat that takes a while to appear and a subterranean set of ambient layers where a gliding guitar slips in, by Yann Tordeondne Lesueur, very much inspired by Manuel Göttsching. Space-minimal-pop, anyone? The other side of the vinyl record includes a remix that lasts sixteen minutes by Public Lover, or Bruno Pronsato and Ninca working together, that reduces the atmospheric dimension of the song and brings the bass drum up, although it’s a rhythm that sounds like a crystal bottle, soft and precious like the good old days of Cadenza. The score I’m giving this 12” is not arbitrary: excellence is reached here, not even Chloé has ever produced this kind of quality.

Richard Ellmann

Ninca Leece - Feed Me Rainbows

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