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8 / 10

Becoming Real Fast Motion RAMP RECORDINGS (RAMP034, 12” + digital)

The aesthetic foundation of Becoming Real’s music (Tony Riddler for those who aren’t keen on his alias) might just make him one of the key acts of 2010. He doesn’t actually invent anything new, but he does redefine the abstract beat with geometrical variations that manage to sound original and daring in the moment. As if it were an English adaptation of the Scandinavian sound skweee, with its rhythmic cubism with its feet deep in funk, up to its waist in hip-hop rhythms and its hands dictating original schizoid melodies from a primitive videogame, Becoming Real does everything possible to be the slow, polite and enveloping counterpart of his fellow Englishman and label partner, Zomby. Although it doesn’t have that “masked rave” touch , its tentacles have reached out towards dubstep and funky house - two ingredients ( “Fast Motion”, “Jen’s Clock”) that help Becoming Real come up with a truly nourishing recipe. Anyhow, the B side remix by Scratcha DVA , which respects the broken percussion and the funky up-tempo while decorating the composition with fat synthesizer lines and effects on the brink of disappearing, demonstrates that Becoming Real has many resources he hasn’t yet tapped into. This means he still has room to grow. Excellent news.

Javier Blánquez

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