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John Talabot  Families EP YOUNG TURKS (YT056, 12” + digital)

The first and most obvious thing you could say about “Families EP” is that it consolidates a style and sound for John Talabot. This is not exactly news – “My Old School”, “Sunshine” and “Matilda’s Dream” already sounded like a chain of releases united by the same search for idyllic house–, but it’s more solid with every release. The consistent work, the inspiration and the minor modifications in the mechanism –which has been oiled well by an impeccable list of remixes– has brought the Barcelona producer to this point, his first single for Young Turks –which is like getting a contract at Arsenal were he a footballer– and, moreover, it’s his most balanced record to date.

The first impression is that John Talabot has subtly left behind some of the baroque tendencies: the three originals –not counting the Lonely Club re-fix of “Families”– have just what they need to light the fire, no more, and no less. Apart from the main track, on which Glasser takes the vocal lead, perfectly fitting John Talabot’s sonic palette, the single’s key track is “Lover’s Tradition”, an ever growing and paused song that could be his new “Sunshine”, although –we insist– without so much excessive production. There also seems to be a tendency towards the (even slower) beat, like on “Lamento”, which sounds more like psychedelic pop than house. That’s why the final remix stands out so much from the rest, with the insistent bass drum and snare, it’s caracoling deep-house, a way of making dance music close to the current John Talabot, but he’s left it in the fridge for now. Now he has to conquer the clubs with distant aromas, showing that he’s going straight forward but using imaginative forms of pop. We’re very curious about what he’s going to do next.

Javier Blánquez

John Talabot - Families (feat. Glasser)

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