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Com Truise  Fairlight GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL (GI-139, digital)

At the end of 2010 word was already going around that Com Truise, another member of the A.D.I.D.A.S. ( “All Day I Dream About Synthesizers”) brotherhood, like Ford & Lopatin, was going to sign with a big label for his debut album. It looked like Ghostly was going to be the one. Then the reissue of “Cyanide Sisters EP” came and Seth Haley’s inclusion on the Ann Arbour imprint’s roster was confirmed. The label has just revealed the details on his first LP, to be released on 4th July – of course– with the title “Galactic Melt” and in an orange (always orange) sleeve. “Fairlight” is the appetiser: the title track is on the album and the other two are bonus tracks, but most importantly, we now know what one of the tastiest records of the year is going to sound like. Com Truise is on fire. In his sonic imagery, the concepts that have brought him where he is are still standing strong –the religious devotion to eighties analogue equipment (if not, what about that title?), the fascination for the Hollywood soundtracks of the time (from Harold Faltermeyer to Tangerine Dream and Jan Hammer), VHS technology, the melancholic distillation of stale melodies and the oblique hip-hop beats that typified early Boards Of Canada. He’s still in that misty world of fake memories of childhood, that retro candour that shines so bright on these thirteen minutes of music. “Beta Eyes” is a shot of serotonin and “Polyhurt” is another inspired cross between naïve IDM and our fathers’ synth-pop. If the album maintains this level, I for one will be celebrating for a long time.

Javier Blánquez

Com Truise - "Fairlight"

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