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CIVIL MUSIC (CIV023, 12” + digital)

Darling Farah is not only an upcoming producer making noise for all the right reasons, he’s also somewhat of a glitch in the dance music spectrum. Born in Detroit, the young producer relocated to the United Arab Emirates at an early age - leaving him in a musical void, as the country is one of the least supportive of electronic music or the parties that come with it. Nevertheless Farah pursued his interest in music, with obvious tendencies for techno and house due to his heritage. He managed to build not just a name for himself, but also a scene in the U.A.E - which functions in the truest sense of the word, underground - with music shared and discovered primarily online and heard live at small, secret parties.

In 2010 he dropped the “Berline” 12” for Civil Music and follows this with “Exxy” this summer, an EP that is quite frankly one of the most attractive and interesting techno and house offerings I’ve heard all year. The title track is a deep, hypnotic number with punching sub kicks, an ethereal looped female vox and a groove that builds slowly over three minutes before being released in a subtle manner with added percussion stabs. “Crown” on the B side is quite similar, slow and hypnotic in its approach yet refined in the sounds and atmosphere it creates. Again here it’s the marriage of sub heavy kicks with percussion and vox that creates a blissful experience.

It’s the second track on each side though that are the real attractions here, especially for people like me who aren’t straight up techno heads. “Younger” on the A side is quite simply one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve heard this year within the techno realm. Built around what sounds like a reverbed Rhodes alongside a vocal line, it builds up with a slightly syncopated tribal rhythm that is brought in and out for the first few minutes, before being released - in an anthemic yet subtle manner - with the tribal rhythm, Rhodes and vocal all coming together. At 8 minutes long, it’s a ride. On the B side you’ve got “Show Me”, the shorter and arguably most interesting of the four tracks on there. Built around colourful, pop synth melodies it’s a disjointed house jam with the kind of groove that’s reminiscent of Moodyman or Theo Parrish in its rhythmic approach. Short but to the point, “Show Me” is the perfect conclusion to what came before it, leaving the possibilities of what Darling Farah might do next open wide.

If like me, you don’t listen to much techno - then do yourself a favour and go buy this now. It’ll likely open up a world of possibilities you weren’t aware of. For fans of the genre, Farah’s “Exxy” is a refreshing EP that shows a breadth of talent and potential that should make anyone feel excited. And with the news that the young man is moving to London in September, the world may well be his oyster.

Laurent Fintoni

CIV023 Darling Farah - EXXY EP Sampler by darlingfarah

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