Evoked Potentials (Part Two) Evoked Potentials (Part Two)


ERP ERPEvoked Potentials (Part Two)

9 / 10

ERP  Evoked Potentials (Part Two) SEMÁNTICA RECORDS (Semantica15, 12”)

Slippery as an eel, Gerard Hanson is difficult to pin down: his production is scarce and scattered – refracted across aliases like Convextion, I/O or the electro ERP– his old school electronic vision is non-negotiable and he only releases music when he’s sure that the effort will be worth it. That he’s not about to waste time on mediocre efforts, Semántica Records agrees. There are few platforms of purism like the Madrid-based label founded and directed by Svreca, and less are more obsessed with the golden era of cold, spacial, abstract techno rooted on the output of labels like Rephlex, Metroplex and Ai Records. “ Evoked Potentials (Part Two)” offers a new track, “ Gallup String”, with an aquatic electro sound á la Drexciya, and continues the saga begun on the 10” of “ Evoked Potentials (Part One)” which included two brand new Hanson. The great achievement of this elegant clear vinyl limited to 300 copies is not just its capability to reactivate ERP’s talents, but also that it presents two remixes by Ideograma on the B-side, which Svreca elongates with a steady hand by crossing the British surgical IDM and the volcanic electro from Detroit in the 90s. All releases from Semántica should come in a velvet box fit for a jewel like this one. Javier Blánquez

ERP - Gallup String


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