Everyone Needs A Theme Tune Everyone Needs A Theme Tune


Julio Bashmore Julio BashmoreEveryone Needs A Theme Tune

8 / 10

Julio Bashmore  Everyone Needs A Theme Tune

PMR RECORDS (PMR001, digital)

Julio, not Julius. Julio is a strange name in English and it always reminds me of tacky crooner Julio Iglesias. But Iglesias is no longer the only Julio that matters. Since about a year ago, this Bristol lad –whose name isn’t really Julio, he’s called Matt– has been the cream of the Julio crop, thanks to a vital interpretation of house music that has taken him to release his tracks on such respected labels as Soul Motive and Dirtybird. This EP maintains some of the unmistakable characteristics of his sound, and confirms that Julio Bashmore’s star is rising. It’s a pity that for now, his tracks can only be downloaded and that there are no vinyl available. But that’s how things are these days and there’s nothing we can do except support the artists. To show them that what they do matters to us.

The four tracks of “Everyone Needs A Theme Tune” show the Julio Bashmore side of precious atmospheric pads and funny bleeps, especially on “Battle For Middle You”, a piece that will keep feeding the comparisons with Joy Orbison. But the Bristolian’s interest in house makes his sound naturally deep and personal. “Ask Yourself”, which is reminiscent of the atmospheric house of Deep Dish on labels such as Tribal UK and Aquarhythms, covers your skin as if it were a layer of sea water. “Everyone Needs A Theme Tune”, on the other hand, shows us that Julio Bashmore also knows what to do with slow tempos and seventies funk –with a layer of Jamaican echoes–, so much so that “The Horn That Time Forgot” closes the EP with a declaration of love to modern synthetic boogie. Everything he does is good.

Ronald Fritze

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