?Even Though You?re With Another Girl ?Even Though You?re With Another Girl


Trentemøller Trentemøller?Even Though You?re With Another Girl

7 / 10

Trentemøller …Even Though You’re With Another Girl IN MY ROOM (IMR03, 12” + 7” + digital)

It’s possible that there’s too much drama on Trentemøller’s second album. I’ve read all kinds of opinions and there’s a lot of people who think so. It’s a work that touches on emotional exaggeration –that is to say, it’s somewhat forced, like a Lynch film, and it doesn’t transmit a “real” truth–, but it is true that at times it does take you by surprise, like a film (especially one by the aforementioned Lynch): you know it’s fiction and you don’t care. I don’t care, in fact, that a song like “…Even Though You’re With Another Girl” tickles my heart, although I know a new Portishead single (Geoff, when?) would affect me more deeply. The song, with a spectacular female voice, tries to generate goose bumps and achieves it with some theatricality straight out the last days of trip-hop. If you don’t want to get the whole record, the tracks is now out as a single on three formats: as a 7” with the original version plus a remix by fellow Danish Mikael Simpson (too AOR for me), on 12” with remixes for the club, and as a download with all that material together (plus an instrumental from Trentemøller). I’ll stick to the 12” and the remixes by Pantha Du Prince and Kollektiv Turmstrasse, who are both very concerned with the details and with sending it in a direction in which the Badalamenti style voice comes on a secondary plan (to use it would have been very Tiësto-like, but not these essentials of German emotional techno, who are always more subtle). Pantha Du Prince actually deserve a special mention for squeezing the texture of the bells to the max and dislodging the original in a labyrinth of crossed melodies, disintegrated rhythms and dream-like sequences. Isn’t that the kind of techno Anders Trentemøller used to make? Maybe it’s time he returned, before his pupils overtake him for good.

Tom Madsen

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