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Mosca MoscaEva Mendes EP

7.3 / 10

“Eva Mendes EP” is, of course, like Eva Mendes, the woman: a well-sculpted, voluptuous, sexy record you shouldn't mess around with. It's a slab of house for the most intense and heated moments of the night, libido-raising and maddening. To hear it closely has a hypnotic and/or lascivious effect. Naturally, we applaud Mosca's decision to call his new single after that fine lady, though titles aside, what matters is that the Briton is giving us a powerful weapon to rule this summer. Last year, Mosca gave his sound a twist, skilfully going from the complex post-dubstep of “Square One EP”, his debut on Night Slugs, to the house of “Done Me Wrong / Bax” on Numbers, one of the best singles of 2011, with a fibrous sound reminiscent of the golden age of UK Garage.

On “The Wavey EP” (3024, 2011) he moved along the same lines, consolidating that very English retro aspect, but “Eva Mendes” shifts the focus once more, this time taking its influences from New York. Here, Mosca's house is more classic and spiritual, and it's no coincidence he's using the deep-house voice par excellence, Robert Owens, to give a touch of soul to “Accidentally”. It relaxes the muscle after the powerful flexion of the title track, much darker and somewhat progressive, not too far removed from Deep Dish's most tribal material from the late 90s. It's obvious that to Mosca, the only flight for his music is backwards, whether it be towards England (breaking the beat and cutting up the female vocals), or, like in this case, towards the Americas, darkening his sound like on “Murderous”. The latter is another fine rock to heat up, if possible, the summer nights; even though that summer is spent in London or Berlin, rather than on Ibiza.

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