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9 / 10

Enter In Silence, LHF KEYSOUND RECORDINGS (LDN018, 12” + digital)

So far, the works of the LHF collective have been impeccable: as if they were secret agents of the drained whatever-step, who spent some cautious time in the underground, releasing digital tracks, filling up the radio frequencies, appearing in clubs - showing parts but hiding the whole. Who are they? Nobody knows for sure, they come and go, play games of subterfuge in the concrete undergrowth like soldiers in the jungle. How many of them are there? That’s also unknown. They don’t behave like a grime crew but more like entities of Underground Resistance in Detroit, only in LHF there’s no personal epicentre à la Mike Banks (do we accept Double Helix as the leader? I don’t think they do). O sea: a scene within a “scenius,” which is the hardcore continuum in London. Martin Clark, alias Blackdawn – alias “our guru” – was close to them and has signed the collective to Keysound: first there will be an EP showing the talent gathered, later there will be another EP, and in the near future, an album. So the next question is: WHAT do LHF sound like? Here they sound like dawn and fog, cinematic and icy dubstep on the two pieces Amen Ra delivers in collaboration with Double Helix – “Steelz” and “Broken Glass” are reminiscent of the best parts of the first Photek – and a bit looser, rhythmically, on “Blue Steel” ( Low Density Matter) and “Deep Life” (Double Helix), which sounds like something big: like a remix a 2005 Skream would have made of Goldie’s legendary “Inner City Life”, it sounds like what would have happened had jungle and dubstep existed at the same time. Like the good people of Boomkat would say: essential purchase. Claude T. Hill


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