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FaltyDL Endeavour PLANET MU (ZIQ279, 12” + digital)

There’s no labelling FaltyDL, that’s for sure – he refuses them like a cat avoiding water. Every time we, disciples of Aristotle and Linnaeus that we are, try to stick some kind of classification on his music, he goes and changes his style unexpectedly. From the first album he recorded for Planet Mu ( “Love Is A Liability”), a feast of 2step rhythms articulated with abstract IDM techniques, to this new three-track 12” lies a long and winding road passing through different genres and dance music episodes. Drew Lustman is erudite, or at the very least someone who has listened to all kinds of stuff with clean ears and an open mind so, although some of us are waiting for a new twist to his garage formula, he has swiftly changed to slow and breezy house, or an avalanche of old school hip-hop breaks, or a tribute to techno that wanted to travel to other galaxies in order to feel closer to home. The three cuts on “Endeavour” are exactly that: there’s no sign of post-dubstep (something that seems to interest the man very little), nor is there another garage twist. FaltyDL goes further back – not to 2009, not to 1999, but to 1989: that’s the epicentre of “Filthy Divinity” –which includes vocal samples of Mr. Fingers’ “Can You Feel It” and a carpet of breaks a la Prince Paul– and “Endeavour” –that lazy deep house with sax and jazz notes that now sounds like a remix of Luomo by Scott Grooves– and, of course, 1989 is also the year for “Odyssey”, and exploratory and funky track with an acid bite (we’re not sure if it’s more inspired by the old records on the Buzz label or the first tunes recorded by B12). That is the greatness of FaltyDL: when you expect a fistful of modernity, he goes more classic than the classics; when you expect his music to sound like sex, he turns it into eternal and universal love. Javier BlánquezFalty - Odyssey

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