El-Aylien Part 1 El-Aylien Part 1


Ras G Ras GEl-Aylien Part 1

8 / 10

Ras G El-Aylien Part 1 LEAVING RECORDS (LR004, digital + cassette)

El-Aylien's name sounds like a lost Persian city, a buried site in the desert that Lovecraft placed amongst the dunes of Randolph Carter's poetic adventures, preserving their esoteric knowledge by hiding it. How appropriate then to describe Ras G's brand new sonic offering with adjectives as mystical, occult or hermetic (the cassette release comes with a deck of tarot cards). It's not hip hop, neither ambient. It does not conform to the suggestions of hauntology, neither it’s a shapeless noise mass, though it is the most abstract and slippery material recorded by the Los Angeles producer. It is split into 4 different parts and reprises – “El-Aylien” is the soundtrack to a cloudy session in a deep REM state, a sample avalanche of unknown origin, that remind us of the pioneering work of the magnetic tape and the radio sound effect a la John Baker, marking the rhythm with trembling and incorrect beats, Raster-Noton style. When you least expect it, they come together for a couple of seconds to form a memorable peak of today’s instrumental alien hip hop. Without any audio-turbulence or sulphured noise steam but caressing a trippy sensation, we are in front of one of Gregory Shorter Jr.’s best recordings and one that opens a new stage on his music production. We hope he continues to take us on a new world discovery voyage without any of the hostile elements.

Claude T. Hill

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