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Digital Mystikz Digital MystikzEducation / Horrid Henry

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Digital Mystikz Education / Horrid Henry DMZ (dmz 021, 12”)

After the intense “Return II Space”, produced by Mala on his own but released under the Digital Mystikz moniker, because Digital Mystikz is a superior entity to whichever artist working under the DMZ flag, now the team returns as a whole with the appearance of Coki on this 12” we’ve waited two years for. It is a known fact that in the DMZ universe, much like in Einstein’s, time is relative, and if the end result finally lives up to the expectations, you know that it has been worth the wait. Anyway, the reunion of Mala and Coki in order to finalise two more gems of advanced dubstep is really an illusion: “Education” is a Mala production and “Horrid Henry” is Coki’s, looking at each other side to side, back and forth, like a mirror; that’s the only way to explain why the two tracks are so different. The one by Coki, for example, has two batches of murderous wobble stuck between an intro, an outro and a cinematic suspense interlude, forcing the thickness of the bass line and the starkness of the rhythm sequences. In turn, Mala undertakes one of his usual voyages of sonic exploration on “Education” and opens the doors of techno and metaphysical dubstep –as on the darkest moments of “Return II Space”– on what would have easily been another album track and which is now an efficient weapon in the DJ arsenal, if the intention is to leave audiences with their mouths wide open and their brains melted. Nobody thinks about dubstep as deeply as he does. This man is incredible, and this label is still as necessary as breathing.

Javier BlánquezDigital Mystikz (Mala) - Education

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