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Ikonika IkonikaEdits EP

7 / 10

Ikonika, Edits EP HYPERDUB (HDB035, 12” + digital)

After reading several reviews of "Contact, Love, Want, Have," it may seem that the overall impression of the debut album Ikonika is reduced to "good ideas, developed in a predictable way, no good for the club," which also becomes the classic "I expected something more, or something better." For me, the disc is good enough to continue betting on Sara Abdel-Hamid as one of the most authoritative voices of the new post-dubstep generation, and listening closely we detect approaches to the genre -by means of electro and chiptune, primarily- which few people dare to try. She faces the challenges head-on, and perhaps it is true she could stand to mature a little aesthetically, believe in her own virtues and explore her field more deeply, but these things tend to resolve themselves with age. "Edits EP" seeks to remedy one of the weaknesses of the album: its alleged lack of rhythmic punch and consequentially its uselessness for DJs; here we get four tracks - "Video Delays" ,"They Are All Losing The War", "Psoriasis" and "Look" - in versions that do not exceed four minutes, all concise and to the point, without intros and bridges - pure substance which jumps dizzyingly from funky house to video game jingles and to thick aquatic electro, while merging the teachings of Kode9 , Drexciya and Lil Silva. If the 12" has to be judged on its utility, then it is great, but I prefer to keep thinking that it is also great music. If you're a hater, you're not my friend.

Claude T. Hill

Ikonika- Psoriasis (Club Edit)


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