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Lone  Echolocations EP


It’s become clear in recent times that R&S has broadened its horizons, adapting to the new age, which is essential for a label to survive. With the reissues of their big classics out on the streets, Renaat Vandepapeliere and Sabine Maes realised that it wouldn’t make sense to try to teach the people about authenticity and stick to a sound (rave-like techno) that wasn’t exactly having its finest hour. These are different times and they know how to interpret them. So over the past two years, the Belgian label has been releasing records of different kinds, from Fabrice Lig’s classic sound to the post-whatever of James Blake, from Pariah’s dubstep to Space Dimension Controller’s steel boogie-house. However, with Lone’s “Echolocations EP”, it seems the circle is closing. Because, unlike the Ghent label, Matt Cutler is living in 1992. And we are of course very thankful for that.

On his latest effort, we don’t hear anything essentially different from what he showcased on the glorious “Emerald Fantasy Tracks”, but damn, as the good people of Boomkat said so accurately, it seems like the boy is bleeding MDMA. And yes, of course, you know what you are going to hear on the record. But who could resist reliving that feeling of unbeatable happiness over and over again? “Coreshine Vodoo”, the EP’s opening track, starts with marimba(like) sounds, but after 45 seconds comes the classic rave keyboard that gets wrapped up in cascades of rattling snares and lazy melodies that outline one of those plastic paradises the man from Nottingham knows how to make so well. And so, in a cloud of brilliant colours, some compositions unfold that know very well what they want. Whether it be with deep sub-aquatic textures ( “Explorers”, “Dolphin” ), bleepy flashes of lysergic sequences (“Blossom Quarter”, “Rapid Racer”) or with Chicago sounds ( “Approaching Rainbow”), track by track, the Briton shows us how, from a retro stand point, one can get a personal and unique sound and piece together track after track without coming down from that sweet psychedelic cloud.

The EP is a solid pack that could sound repetitive to those who bought his still recent album, but will satisfy any lover of the classic rave sound. Cutler doesn’t want to renew anything, he only wants his songs to have you relive the high and make you run back to the dancefloor with your arms held up to embrace your new best friend. And he does it really well. After all, we are talking about someone who called one of his records “Ecstasy & Friends”.

Franc Sayol

Lone : Explorers Lone : Dolphin

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