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7 / 10

Co.Fee  Easy Listening MY HOLLOW DRUM (MHD004, 10” + digital)

Based in L.A’s thriving hip hop community, Co.Fee is part of the My Hollow Drum collective, a group of young producers and artists who’ve been busy on the local scene for years but who’ve only just recently started to make inroads abroad, not least thanks to one of their members, Teebs, becoming part of the Brainfeeder label.

Across its 7 tracks, “Easy Listening” showcases Co.Fee’s great skill in marrying classic sample based hip hop production with more modern elements. He takes the beat tape approach and refines it by keeping things short and sweet, with no tracks longer than 3 minutes, while still packing in some serious headnodding.

The stand out moment for me is “Kali”, an absolute stomper of a track that uses what sounds like a Brazilian sample and flips it into a monster riddim that leaves you unable not to bounce to it. Co.Fee’s sampling chops and rhythmic skills are also nicely displayed on “Gipsy Skirt”, a short groover with a catchy female vocal loop, and “Katana”, blending Japanese film samples with a clap-led riddim.

Overall “Easy Listening” is a great showcase of the fresher sounds that L.A’s beat underground is capable of producing and an exciting taste of what is hopefully more to come.

Laurent Fintoni

Spark Plug by Co. Fee

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