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Die Antwoord Die Antwoord5 EP

8 / 10

Die Antwoord 5 EP CHERRYTREE-INTERSCOPE (B0014681-02, CD + digital)

The self-edited album $O$ had been available online for a while when the video for “ Fish Paste” came along. However, the virus of Die Antwoord had not yet started to spread. “ Fish Paste” was a novelty for many of the non-initiated, the spark that kindled the fuse. Interviews, videoblogs and other material about the band began to appear that refuted the theory that postulating was the last invention of viral marketing. It’s obvious that the objective of this EP—the first official release by the South African trio—is to synthesise the crew’s tour and act as the prelude to the release of the improved “$O$” that Interscope will put out in a few weeks.

The essence, then, is not the fact that it’s something new but the fact that track selection has been made with good criteria. Because the eccentricity and effectiveness of “ Enter The Ninja” (that 90’s eurodance inspiration is glorious even though it smells of plagiarism) or “ Fish Paste” (with its ambiguous suburban joking) based some of their success on the videos, the intense “ Wat Kyk Jy?” and the lilting “ I Don’t Need You” are worthy of respect in their own right and confirm these people haven’t just been rapping in Anglo-Boer jargon for a few days. Mixing the worst physical, psychological and musical after-effects of the rave era with the gangsta rap attitude can yield nothing but hilarious monsters. But Die Antwoord oozes musical, creative and interpretative talent. So much so that they have managed to blur the limits separating persons from characters, the sordid from the amusing, the coarse from the sublime. Welcome to the wayward world of zef raver rap.

Mónica Franco

Die Antwoord - Enter the Ninja (DJ Fishsticks Remix)

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