Letherette LetheretteEP2

8 / 10

Letherette EP2

HO TEP (HOTEP004, 12”)

Wolverhampton isn’t the first place you might go looking for beat makers in the UK, yet the duo Letherette have proven yet again the old adage that it’s not where you’re from, but rather where you’re at – in their case, probably getting high and chopping records somewhere in between classic 90s boom bap, Dilla and Italo disco. With support from the likes of L.A’s BTS collective, they return to Alex Nut’s Ho Tep label – little sister to Eglo Recordings if you will – with “EP2”. They still get no bonus points for the name but they make up for it by continuing to show amazing sample chops and a slightly broader range of styles than on “EP1”.

The four tracks on here are still very much anchored in the sample-based boom bap that brought them to the attention of most of us in the last few years. The A side cuts “In And Out” and “Shoe Be Do” both provide ample room for headnod and musical relaxation with cascading string samples on the former and a late night vibe on the latter thanks to ingenious chop that lends the track its title.

It’s the B side that wins on here though with the opening, disco inspired and fuelled “No Point”. The longest track on the EP, it’s a dancefloor-minded jam that manages to blend the duo’s sample-based swing and aesthetic alongside a hard-hitting 4x4 rhythm that has discotheque written all over it. It’s followed by “Hold Close”, which at 50 seconds long probably doesn’t qualify as a track but is likely to be one of the best sample flips you’ve heard all year. Instant neck snap business.

Short and to the point, “EP2” is likely to continue fuelling interest around the duo who will hopefully be following this up with an LP or bigger project of some sort. An instant classic for hip hop heads!

Laurent Fintoni

“In & Out”

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