EP1: Drum Talking EP1: Drum Talking


Mo Kolours Mo KoloursEP1: Drum Talking

7 / 10

Mo Kolours  EP1: Drum Talking

ONE HANDED MUSIC (HAND12009-12, 12” + digital)

One Handed Music continues its slow but steady rise of one London’s best indie labels under the careful – some might say wise though I’d wager he wouldn’t admit to that – guidance of Alex Chase. Case in point the label’s latest signee whose first release has already proven to be one of the most successful to date for the label.

Mo Kolours is a young percussionist and singer from London with roots in Mauritius. On “Drum Talking” he weaves together a fascinating sonic collage unsurprisingly using rhythm as the uniting force - from inspiration and influence from the Sega music of his roots to crunchy hip hop on “8 Hours”, blissful dusty soul on “Bakiraq” or the appropriately well described low-slung bump of “Biddies” which definitely wouldn’t be out of place in a Theo Parrish set.

It’s not just the rhythmic qualities that make “Drum Talking” such a fascinating listen, though they are its most obvious appeal, but also the way in which he uses his voice. On “Biddies” it has a beautifully haunting quality while on “Dead On Night” it sounds like some obscure soul sample dug from an unknown record.

While short, “Drum Talking” is – like most good things in life – incredibly pleasing. As an opening statement from a young artist it’s impressive and no doubt will make a lot of people stand up and pay attention. Coming from a label such as One Handed it’s not so much of a surprise and if anything only adds to the excitement of what’s to come.

Oh and those of you with keen eyes (or too much time on their hands) will also recognise him as the other half of Paul White’s live band, who he did a Boiler Room session with a few months back. I can only recommend you catch them live if you like having your mind warped. Seriously good.

Laurent Fintoni

Mo Kolours - Biddies (Official Version)

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