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Pearson Sound Pearson SoundDown With You / Higher

8 / 10

Pearson Sound  Down With You / Higher DARKESTRAL GALAXICOS (DarkestralG001C, 12”)

Right now seems that David Kennedy would like to state the difference between his productions as Pearson Sound and those made under his more widely known alias, Ramadanman. There is certain logic here as both projects are similar, filtering foggy atmospheres and house cadence on what it was the first steps towards the disintegration of dubstep. Nowadays, the mechanics of robust basslines and breaks diluted into toxic clouds belongs to Ramadanman, and Pearson Sound –if it follows the path of this beautiful orange clear vinyl- will steer it towards drum’n’bass (though we don’t know because Kennedy has upped the tempo when producing as Ramadanman). This release launches the new sub-division of Darkestral, an essential label for understanding the jungle revitalised by the mid 90s artcore which references Photek, Spring Heel Jack, Witchman and other explorers of smooth, dark territories from the golden era of drum’n’bass. The content is as attractive as the envelope, though I have the impression that “ Down With You” and “ Higher” have been produced more intuitively than consciously. What I mean by this is that Pearson Sound, it seems, probably did these either by commission by inertia. Maybe somebody told him, “I would like two tracks like these others,” and he probably said “all right,” knowing he was more than able to complete the task efficiently. Still, there are enough interesting details, especially in “ Higher” which is the most alluring and tangled track on the record. There are rough soul vocals like the ones used by DJ Krust, curly melodies similar to DJ Blame’s and some chill-out tranquility that ends up being more intoxicating than relaxing. And we shouldn’t leave out “ Down With You”, a halfstep that incites in a mysterious sensation, and sounds as if one of Fever Ray’s forest nightmares has been remixed by the EZ-Rollers. It doesn’t surprise me but I like it very much. Claude T. Hill

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