Double Edge (Pinch Mix) Double Edge (Pinch Mix)


Emika EmikaDouble Edge (Pinch Mix)

8 / 10

Emika  Double Edge (Pinch Mix) NINJA TUNE (Zen12262, 12” + digital)

Women of dubstep, episode eight: there should be a reason that explains why there are so many female producers in this discipline -and its sub-styles- though the most sensible way of thinking in this case would be not to hinge a conclusion on gender at all: it’s currently the most popular sound plus in general there are more women successfully producing and publishing music of any style that seems more open to subtleties than other disciplines (all right, this is a bit of a cliché). Emika has won the title of “Ninja Tune bass girl” , albeit sharing the spotlight with Fatima (the latter in a hip-hop style under Flying Lotus’ wing), based on two high quality maxi-singles loaded with detailed mystery. First there was “ Drop The Other”, with a Scuba remix, and now “ Double Edge” that remind us of Andrea Parker: a sort of electro with dark shades plus vocals made of sights and whispers which amplify the sensation of darkness, density and mystery. Emika puts all the effort of “Double Edge” –of which there is instrumental version– into the bassline’s seismic force and such a particular use of the vocals, similar to early trip hop. That’s why we must highlight Pinch’s remix, which complements Emika’s single –who is of German origin, by the way- by sucking the vocal down into phantasmagoric breathing, and turning up the palpitating bassline to elevate the suspense and tension. Dark and sexy: that’s how we like it.

Ronald Fritze


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