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George FitzGerald George FitzGeraldDon’t You

8 / 10

George Fitzgerald  Don’t You

HOTFLUSH TWO (HFT014, 12” + digital)

George Fitzgerald was one of the extraordinary signings of Paul ‘Scuba’ Rose for Hotflush in 2010, along with Sepalcure. These two names, armed with a sound made up of foggy synthesiser lines with elastic textures and pinches of high-pitched voices, helped the label to maintain the line started with Joy Orbison’s “Hyph Mngo”: 30% deep house, 30% dubstep, 30% techno and 10% influences from garage and drum’n’bass. On his 12” debut, Fitzgerald followed a similar pattern. Maybe he didn’t achieve the same goose bumps as Joy Orbison, but nobody can deny he’s an exceptional producer. In this business it’s not about how you start but how you finish, and second release “Don’t You” shows this man is on the right path.

There are fewer breaks and more compact and four-to-the-floor rhythms, plus some pads that are like the sun coming up. The proportions have been altered, and while the percentage of deep house is maintained –as is the use of those purring voices that tickle your ears– the techno factor grows, to the detriment of dubstep. On the B-side it’s Scuba himself, disguised as SCB, who reworks “Don’t You” with echoes and impregnates the original with the nocturnal serenity of Berlin clubs. Although, if you ask me, I will always prefer the original. There’s a trace of the pioneers of cosmic techno, from Carl Craig to Terrace, that Fitzgerald follows with a portentous naturalness. You never get the feeling that he “inspires” the music with something, but that the funky and floating touch of techno seems to fit him like a second skin. Yes, it’s somewhat revivalist on the surface, but it’s tremendously sincere and emotionally incorrupt music underneath.

Richard Ellmann


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