Donky Stomp EP Donky Stomp EP


Slugabed / Ghost Mutt Slugabed / Ghost MuttDonky Stomp EP

8 / 10

Slugabed / Ghost Mutt Donky Stomp EP DONKY PITCH (DKY 001, 12” + digital)

The first thing you hear when “Donky Stomp” starts is a terrifying bass, a bass so dense it could grab your hand, a bass that, when left on its own, could cause earthquakes. At Donky Pitch, a new label from Brighton, they know what they want. They like the kind of bass frequencies that affect the digestive system, those sub-basses that cut off your breath and leave you winded. If that power is added to the excess of video game sounds, sharp and perforating, as it is on the original Slugabed contribution to this split 12”, then we have the perfect hybrid hymn between 8bits and new bass music, a sound joined with total conviction by the vigorous Ghost Mutt, defined by the label as one of their “resident producers” and a master of the impossible fusion of idyllic harmonies, female UK garage vocals, the aforementioned video game melodies and the heaviest bassline in years (you can verify all this on “Thoroughtbred” and the slower “Platinum Skull”). The vinyl is completed with the rework by the Spaniard Mwëslee of the Slugabled track, which dumps some of the ferocity in the lower frequencies but overall gives it a more agile dynamic, making it ideal for use in sessions where the swing is sexy, and closer to hip-hop and funk (in other words: if you’re one of those people who play skweee or wonky, don’t hesitate to pay for this gem).

Claude T. HillGhost Mutt - Thoroughbred

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