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Mosca  Done Wrong / Bax NUMBERS (NMBRS16, 12” + digital)

If the world should end today, Mosca would hold the honour of having kick-started the Night Slugs catalogue with his first 12” two years ago ( “Square One / Nike”, already a classic of the most experimental vein of funky) and also of having closed the Numbers catalogue with his second (however, in between those records the London producer has released some loose tracks and remixes on some major titles on Fat City, Local Action and No Hats No Hoods; evidence of the fact that Mosca is not a reclusive and unproductive artist). If the world should end today, the importance of Mosca would be analysed as crucial in the evolution of a revival sound within the bass scene, he would be seen as the man who was always in the right place at the right time. Luckily, the world won't end today, but even so, “Done Me Wrong / Bax” should be listened to as one of the best 12”s of the year - with a couple of bangers that will only confirm his cult status on the scene.

On these two tracks, Mosca shows his unbridled passion for and ample knowledge of speed garage from the era 1997-1998, almost as if he were reproducing J Da Flex's trickery: constant rewinds, marble bass lines, high-pitched diva vocals and cut-up phrases jumping with the crispy and polished break beats, albeit with pitch variations going down as the track goes by (a technique used earlier by Burial on “Untrue”). The same state of happiness transmitted on “Done Me Wrong” can be felt on “Bax”, which sounds a bit more evolved (gravitating towards 1999-2000 UK garage), but with the same mission: to recover the roots of the previous and buoyant underground so that the sweet moment the British club scene is living doesn't seem the consequence of chance or a passing fancy - but part of a harmonic chain of events. Once more, the hard-core continuum of Simon Reynolds triumphs.

Claude T. Hill


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