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Dadavistic Orchestra Dadavistic OrchestraDokument.01

9 / 10

Dadavistic Orchestra  Dokument.01 DUST SCIENCE RECORDINGS (DUSTV024, 12” + digital)

There’s less information available about this delicious document than there is water in the Sahara, not that you need data to understand the magnitude of this piece of vinyl. One thing we do know: Martin & Richard Dust, Ken Downie –all three of them the spine of The Black Dog– Tim Freeman, Arbe and Robbert Heijnen –formerly known as Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia– are what we would call (why not) a retro-ambient super group on a release that appears to be an isolated case (although judging from its title, a “Document.02” is possible, and desirable) and is already an extremely expensive collector’s item among the connoisseurs of the nineties electronica old school. Both The Black Dog and Psychick Warrior Ov Gaia were part of the unbeatable generation of cyberdelica and intelligent techno, swiftly moving between rugged techno beats and cosmic ambient soundscapes, and here –and I’m not sure if out of nostalgia, opportunity or by chance– they gently float down the stream of the latter: the two tracks, one on each side and on thick, transparent red vinyl, sound like something between the old releases on the R&S sublabel Apollo, cold isolation and the post-industrial sound of Coil. There are no beats, no bass, only tides of atmospheric layers that are toxic on one hand ( “Dada Fish Sticks”) and intoxicating on the other ( “Strung Valve Checkout”), marked by a piano and with a sickly sweet touch of a certain kind of ambient from back in the day (Solar Quest, etc.) but there are also traces of the most placid moments of Biosphere and, what a coincidence, of one of the legendary, and today almost forgotten, records by the Warriors: “Ov Biospheres And Sacred Grooves”, which was a kind of slow motion techno wrapped in mysticism and nature. Men of the nineties, nostalgics of the golden age, ambient collectors, come here, limbo is waiting for you. Arr!

Javier Blánquez

Dadavistic Orchestra - Dokument .01 - Strung Valve Checkout by The Black Dog Dadavistic Orchestra - Dokument .01 - Dada Fish Sticks by The Black Dog

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