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I’m a big fan of this man. I like him a lot, and I don’t even know Edward Currelly personally. It’s one of those cases of intuition. I like his new records even before hearing them, I know. His 2009 debut on Jiscomusic saw a new player stepping into the disco arena, sitting comfortably next to Tiger & Woods, The Revenge and Mark E and making it clear that, from that moment on, things would be stirred up. Eddie knows how to play cards, that’s for sure. With that record he already played most of his trumps, a bit of house here, some boogie there, a little disco over there, a pinch of party funk and the tempo changed according to the tunes. From then on, in two years of intense production, the main groove labels (Flashback, 7 Inches Of Love, Wolf Music, etc.) have been fighting over him until he got to Endless Flight, where he already released the highly recommendable “Basanov & Vidis”.

Eddie is a master at editing old soul, disco and funk samples, giving them beats and basslines that would make the dead dance, pure party stuff. “Do It Yourself”, the long track on this EP, occupying the whole of side A, with more grooves than Janelle Monáe’s quiff, contains seven long minutes of succulent Philly disco with some tasty samples that would be nice to identify. On the B-side, two prime slo-mo cuts. “ Pains Inside” is a mid-tempo, very Seventies disco-soul, incredibly sexy because of the gentle bass track and the sample that repeats the title over and over. And “Dub Me Gwen”, probably referring to Gwen McRae, my favourite track on this single, is house-boogie with another female vocal sample –McRae?– and some horn arrangement accompanied by a subtle acid bassline that is just ace. Very Greg Wilson-like when it gets all acid, very fine and very playable for the early hours of the night. Luis Costa

Eddie C - Do It Yourself

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