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Mr. Mageeka Mr. MageekaDifferent Lekstrix

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Mr. Mageeka  Different Lekstrix NUMBERS (NMBRS6, 12” + digital)

There has to be a day when the bleep sound returns, as triumphant as a victorious Roman general in a laurel crown. So far, there have been a couple of sparks, including “ Township Funk” by DJ Mujava, a tremendous production that could have caused an earthquake in clubland, but in the end became just a footnote. But those who put their trust in the Numbers label, and who think of their output as gospel, have a new reason to justify their love. “ Different Lekstrix” is like a poisonous snake winding through a bassline from the northern hardcore golden era, like Tricky Disco or early Nightmares On Wax. Low frequency oscillations, rejuvenated bleeps accompanied by funky house percussion that is not carnival-like but minimalist and fiery, and as raw as beef carpaccio. The house bassline (DJ Cameo, T2, Mr. V) has evolved, gaining a new lease of life. All in all, we could say that Mr. Mageeka is just the ticket to be one of the names of the year. On the flip side, to satisfy the DJ fraternity who like their anthems with a bit of muscle, there is a remix by L-Vis 1990, who maintain the original structure but add explosive effects and a nod to the past –yet more bleeps, and less funky drums- as procured by the revival party-label of Night Slugs. An unquestionable dancefloor bomb.

Javier Blánquez

Mr. Mageeka - Different Lekstrix

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