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2 AM FM Desolate Cities M>O>S RECORDINGS (MOS_DEEP_004, 12” + digital)

Dutch label M>O>S, commanded by Aroy Dee, has established itself as a household name for the classic house and techno lovers. We’re not talking about a purist label (check the releases by Legowelt and Morphosis), but about an imprint that looks in the mirrors of Detroit and Chicago without falling into the trap of banal mannerisms. A good example of that is the latest contribution in the MOS DEEP series, focussed on old school house. It’s by 2 AM FM, a project by D’Marc Cantu and the polyhedral Tadd Mullinix (James T. Cotton, Dabrye), and contains two cuts that send you straight to the golden age of the Windy City. The A-side, “Desolate Cities”, clings to the acid teachings of Phuture in their best days and combines a beefy 303-line with a 707 rhythm with the right amount of reverb, all adorned with voices from the tomb that tell tales of urban life’s decadence. Essential for the acid heads.

However, for yours truly, the real gem on this single is on the other side. It’s called “Give This World” and, while the reverse side is about darkness and despair, this is all light and glory. Once again there is the 707, a bass line that sounds like a tribute to Mr. Fingers, pads from the school of Virgo and a melody with a certain bleepy quality and bell tones announcing the arrival of happiness. With those ingredients, there’s only one possible result: a convincing track of concise development and ethereal texture that will bring a big smile to the faces of the fanatics of American house. Like all the label’s releases, this is a limited edition record, so we recommend you go and get it ASAP. If you’re lucky, you could even get your hands on one of the 87 coloured vinyl versions. Don’t sleep on this one!

Franc Sayol

2 AM FM - Give This World

2 AM/FM - Desolate Cities

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