Dead Leaf Dead Leaf


Arp 101 Arp 101Dead Leaf

8 / 10

Arp 101, Dead Leaf EGLO (Eglo09, 12”)

Another latest generation drum’n’bass head who feels like having a go at some slower stuff, simple, with a gentle hip-swaying quality, where before it would be furiously epileptic beats. Working under the moniker of Arp 101 is none other than Alix Perez, completely surrendered to the slow-motion camera sound of renovated boogie. It’s a change without a lot of mystery though: the magic of “Dead Leaf” and “Warriors Galactic” consists of something as basic as removing any rhythm pattern that could even remotely smell of jungle, replacing it with groovy bass lines which explode like water pumps in a boiling caldron and keep the whole flamboyant design of analogue sounds that give the whole that sci-fi funky feel. Arp 101 uses and abuses the analogue synths -one has to applaud his collection- and dissects them to extract every commercial electro-funk sound they might possible have in them (sounds Chromeo would sell their souls for) and, of course, every pre-Detroit detail that gives the music that aura, so depraved and so 1984. All this, in slow motion and insinuating sexy movements. Arp 101 composes his erotic fantasies with great skill, and he doesn’t only make these tracks useful weapons for the dubstep DJ who wants to slow things down even more, they are also on Eglo, making Alexander Nut’s and Floating Points’ label the main player on the neo-boogie field with tons of erogenous charge. Ronald Fritze

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