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8 / 10

Milyoo  Dasein OPIT RECORDS (OPT002, 12”)

His name is Tommy Wilson, he lives in Lexington, Kentucky, and before releasing this 12” for the shiny new label Subeena–that’s a clue: IDM + dubstep and techno– he had been spending his time uploading solo material to his Soundcloud page. This self-promotional exercise was aimed at getting a big break, something that we don’t imagine happens very much in Kentucky where you are far away from epicentre of the new bubblestep sound along the same line as Actress. The three tracks of this 12” have the backbone to interpret techno and dubstep and circumvent fashion as does the Werk’s label head-honcho. Milyoo uses strange angles, like Roger Fereder’s tennis strokes –noticeable on the techno and downtempo combo of “ Dasein”– whilst the other side of the same vinyl offers wide and galactic piano notes on “ Multitude”. You can identify his particular interpretation of deep house in “ Fayoh”, playing with disconnected vocal snippets, wavey sequences, breaks closer to jazz than hip-hop and many more manoeuvres. It’s not clear if Milyoo is a Detroit techno-soul aficionado that has recently started binge-listening to British post-dubstep and Californian instrumental hip-hop, or if he is an IDM shooter following in the steps of Lukid. In any way, this is the beginning of a promising career. Claude T. Hill

Dasein (clip) by milyoo (mÄ“l-yü)

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