Dance Til The Police Come Dance Til The Police Come


Peverelist PeverelistDance Til The Police Come

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Peverelist  Dance Til The Police Come

HESSLE AUDIO (HES018, 12” + digital)

With a title that so clearly alludes to the early years of rave, when the police would interrupt parties and stop the music, it’s easy to imagine Peverelist organising his beats convulsively, almost violently, even. “Dance Til The Police Come” isn’t violent, exactly –the Bristolian keeps the speed under control and he never becomes aggressive– but in relation to his previous productions, it does mean a step forward towards a new sound: broken beat on the verge of becoming drum’n’bass. A few days ago, Gilles Peterson tweeted that it looks like a comeback of broken beat –mid-tempo rhythmic turbulence and complexities, in fashion about ten years ago– is imminent, and while Peverelist’s stuff on the A-side has nothing to do with the old Bugz In The Attic material, because of its lack of jazz and funk, it could be considered as a symptom of change. On the B-side, “Fundamentals”, Peverelist partly returns to his trademark dark and tense dubstep, albeit with some moments of –again– rhythmic convulsion, slightly reminiscent of Shackleton’s material. The above should be enough for you to run to your favourite record store and ask for Hessle Audio number 18 – Peverelist’s first release on Ramadanman and Ben UFO’s label, by the way. Well go on then, run.

Javier Blánquez

Peverelist 'Dance til the Police Come' by Peverelist

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