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Kenton Slash Demon  Daemon TARTELET (tart016, 12” + digital)

On the last part of the trilogy the called “The Schwarzschild Solution”, much in the vein of “The Big Bang Theory” –it doesn’t only sound like the title of an episode from the series, the background is also very nerdy; it’s a theory by astro-physician Karl Schwarzschild about the gravitational forces that move objects in space–, Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon have added the great final touch in order to guarantee them a place in the short historic continuum of epic and emotive tech-house, by adding voices. “Daemon” isn’t exactly a “song” in the pop sense of the word, but an underground dance anthem with filtered vocals that sound like another instrument but add a dimension between human and robotic, something that wasn’t there on the previous two 12”s, released last year. The vocal part is by Nikolaj Vonsild, with whom KSD also worked in the band When Saints Go Machine, and Jon Philpot of Bear In Heavengets in there, too, and they’re not decisive to make “Daemon” a vibrant rhythmic trip with some euphoric flashes, but they do help getting there.

For Swedish Axel Boman, who’s in charge of the remix of the single –in fact, the “Epic Remix”; there’s also a “Dub Version” for the digital release–, those vocals aren’t essential and he reduces them to virtually nothing in a reconstruction focussing on the underlying melodies, intensifying them for a take that maximises KSD own style: maximum sound compression, wrapping and growing synths that cause minor explosions, albeit without ever reaching an “epic” climax. The name of the remix might be somewhat deceiving, but the sound definitely isn’t.

Richard Ellmann

a1.Daemon - Kenton Slash Demon (original) Tartelet Records 2011 by Tartelet Records

b1.Daemon - Kenton Slash Demon (Axel Boman Epic remix) Tartelet Records 2011 by Tartelet Records

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