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Sinner DC Sinner DCCrystal EP

8 / 10

Sinner DC  Crystal EP AI RECORDS (Ai029EP, digital)

The long player "Crystalizer" (Ai Records, 2009) proved, above all, that Swiss Sinner DC know how to create songs. Although they seemed wrapped in clear colours of digital electronica, the Swiss group's melodies managed to stand out at the same level as their production, creating one of those rare items in which tracks feature in its favour both coated warm textures and the orderly architecture of the pop format. Back then there was a problem: Sinner DC were viewed as suitable artists for home listening, and increasingly distancing themselves, if they were ever close, from the DJ scene. What " Crystal EP" comes to show, therefore, is to correct this imbalance and to bring those songs to a club environment, although we know in such operations you can not have everything at any price. Six tracks get the remix treatment winning in rhythmic “oomph”, they win an abundance of high frequencies to wrap around a good sound system, but they ended up loosing the songs, with the exception of " Glass Alley," where 360, alias Patrice-Bäumel & Nuno Dos Santos, keep faithful to the original vocals. A toll in any case, it is worth paying, because the choice of producers is suitable on this particular occasion. There is only two conditions: they were handpicked by Sinner DC and they are all the new blood in Ai Records’ catalogue, thus reaffirming the label’s image where you get picked by your own merits and by internal decisions, as we imagine it is done in Masonic lodges. The remixes are in line with this warm, golden minimal-trance of labels like Border Community, Traum and Infiné, and indeed some of the remixers: Cubenx who chooses " Sunrized"; Rone with " The Medium Is The Message” and Sennh who is responsible for "Coast." And so, with progressive scales, synths of an angelic aura and semi-broken rhythms as Ryan Davis (" Digital Dust") uses to build his symphony, these remixes earn a place on the hard drive of anyone aspiring to be the next James Holden. Too bad its not on vinyl.

Richard Ellmann

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