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Ruckazoid Crush ALL CITY RECORDS (AXLCR12x1-12, 12”)

Who is Ruckazoid? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for days, ever since this 12” arrived. The first searches for info on the web resulted in just the information provided by the All City label: he’s a scratch legend who doesn’t want to reveal his name, for now. The terms “legend” and “scratch” lead to various ideas that materialise in the sound of the record: there’s a touch of electro –a sound that has always gone down well with the hip-hop veterans– and an air of old school that could only be achieved by someone with a lot of experience on the decks. Curiously, there’s not a single stab to be heard on the single (or so it seems), something that benefits the end result quite a lot. What doesn’t become clear is where Ruckazoid is from. Is he British? American? And if he were the latter, would he be from New York, Los Angeles or Detroit? His style is so rich, he could be from anywhere.

Further searching reveals that Ruckazoid is really Ricci Rucker, the designer of the Controller One, the first turntable that allowed for musical notes to be made through the contact of needle and vinyl and skilful manipulation. It’s more than likely, therefore, that those galactic melodies of “Crush” and “All City” are in fact scratch tricks to the service of concoction of sounds from boogie, spatial excursions, old school electro and powerful grime. In fact, the two sides of the 12” sound like an improbable and juicy alliance of the purple Joker sound and the elegant and swinging neo-boogie of Onra. If Ruckazoid / Ricci Rucker is capable of making this on his own, it’s clear to me: I need more releases like this. With two a year I think I’d be fine. Ronald Fritze

Ruckazoid - Crush (ACLCR12x1) by allcitydublin

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