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Pinch Croydon House SWAMP 81 (SWAMP:007, 12”)

There’s a debate going on that gets bloody sometimes, and it can be summarised in one sentence: is dubstep doomed to disappear when it enters the mainstream (which is happening as we speak) or will there be room left to reinvent itself, and will it last as has been the case so far? The answer isn’t clear and it could go both ways, but singles like this one by Pinch makes one think the latter is a possibility to take into account. Pinch is known so far for a stony and dark brand of dubstep, very much in synch with the grey aesthetic of his Bristol label, Tectonic (remember the recent “The Boxer” 12”), but here he changes his tune – and with great results – which is a symptom of creativity still alive. “Croydon House” has the same dark surface as always, it’s a production that sounds like cement and iron, like dubstep with industrial tendencies, but, as its title suggests, there are certain deep house sounds we haven’t heard before. Not only that: besides other artists who follow his sound philosophy, like Random Trio, the 4x4 pattern has never been a distinctive part of Rob Ellis’ work. But it is here, and the B-side explains it all: “Elements” is very reminiscent of what Shackleton did years ago on Skull Disco, that connection between dubstep, techno and microscopic drum’n’bass that stands out for its complex breaks surrounded by dark sounds. Pinch distinguishes himself with the same idea – complexity and the absence of light – but with this house twist, like a horrific interpretation of future garage. Who said the possibilities have dried up? It wasn’t Pinch, that’s for sure.

Claude T. Hill

Pinch - Croydon House

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