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Cottam Cottam 4 COTTAM (Cottam 4, 12”)

In 2009, Paul Cottam, veteran DJ of the British scene, almost abandoned his DJ career to be a dad. While he was taking care of his three kids, and to quench his thirst for music, he started making tracks that merged influences from soul, hip-hop and house via very well chosen and even better assembled samples. He sent the results to Jack Revill, alias Jackmaster, who, always on the lookout, decided to release the material via Rubadub. The first three releases were well-received in the UK, by record stores and DJs who, confronted with the change in paradigm (from Technics to CDJs) and with so much music only a few clicks away, want to dodge the bullet of uniformity, feeding off a string of releases from labels and producers who choose to limit their editions and promotion and honour, of course, the vinyl only principle.

Thanks to his music, Cottam returned to DJ booths, all over the world this time. This has made the wait for the fourth release a bit longer than usual. But it’s finally here, and the wait has been worth it, because it’s the best of the series to date. The A-side (there are no titles) is a shell with African roots and techno soul that combines guitar samples and tropical vocal samples with an acid-tasting arpeggio and a fierce rhythm that can’t fail to wreak havoc on the dancefloor. The other side returns to the sound of disco-soul, this time combined with a rhythm and synthetic bassline that give it the right amount of rawness to contrast with the schmaltzy vocals. In short, another bomb. As said, it’s the best of the four to date, and it will appeal to those who like Mark E and other edit masters, followers of artists like Theo Parrish and buyers of singles by Runaway, Golf Channel and John Talabot. You have to be quick though, as there are only 300 copies available. So run, and here’s hoping it will be all uphill from here.

Franc Sayol

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