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Taprikk Sweezee  Conversea MUSIK AUS STROM (MAS19.01, 12” + digital)

These three tracks were recorded by Taprikk Sweezee in 2003. Let’s imagine for a moment they had been released at that point in time too: would this German vocalist have been recognised as producer of a superior creativity, technique and futuristic vision than the English Steve Spacek? Possibly not, because Spacek has always possessed better means of communication by which to transmit his message (labels with a better distribution, and promo departments with farther reaching tentacles), but to me it seems that Sweezee has better ideas and, overall, a better production technique. He is more complex and baroque but without reaching saturation point with the sound layers. If we were talking in “archeological” terms, this would be a valuable dig but not an astonishing treasure. In fact, the three tracks from “ Conversea” are quite simple: Sweezee sings with the affection of proper male soul - the press release highlights his vocal similarity to D’Angelo, but it could also have referenced an early Jimi Tenor, who is nearer time-wise, and his vocal gargles which we would find relevant nowadays. Basslines share similarities to dubstep, jazz scales are intertwined amongst glitches and on screen compositions, and the warm accompaniment of pianos and arrangements by Philipp Meiers, to which he adds the guest trombone of Bastian Eichenauer in “ Runner”. Perhaps it’s too late to consider digital soul as a trend -a few years back was the victim of prejudice, something that hasn’t eased up with the passing of time- but we must also acknowledge that is a music style which can offer classy, inspiring and stimulating moments. These three tracks have spark about them, though I must confess I liked Sweezee better when he use to sing with a more neutral voice on tracks by Funkstörung. Here it seems he wants to take you to bed, and no, thank you. Richard Ellmann

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Runner by zoikmusic

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