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Obtane & Giorgio Gigli Obtane & Giorgio GigliContextualised In Monochrome

7 / 10

Obtane & Giorgio Gigli Contextualised In Monochrome ZOOLOFT (ZOOLOFT00C, 12”)

By comparing the beginning of “The Different Perception Of Silence” to the forgotten classic “Novelty Waves” by Biosphere, the listener will appreciate the similarities: a rough textured loop over a bed of insomniac ambient and a nervous bassline that unravels in a chaotic manner. No sign of a catastrophe or a tempo increase. Everything can be reduced to a minor hypnosis exercise as it was done by the good old Biosphere. Obtane & Giorgio Gigli are possessed by the allure of Trance. Not by its 303 burps or uncontrollable epic proportions, neither by magic mushrooms or beach moon parties, but instead by a music worm crawling and tickling the mind. Nevertheless, there is little surprises at this point on the proceedings: Giorgio Gigli, one of the few active members of the latest trance tinted minimal movement from Rome, continues to cling to this sound without any questions and faithful to the method of repetitive dirty loops after the speed down versions by Donato Dozzy, Modern Heads and more. Whoever wants to extend their knowledge on the subject can follow past releases on Elettronica Romana or Mental Groove, only to find exactly the same, for better or for worse. You won't find “SMEAR remix” –it's not necessary, there's nothing new here– neither the B side “drone edit”, though super handy as an intro set, djing at experimental events or to mix before or after an Echospace vinyl. Let's say the maxi does not break any moulds, but its contents are all quite useful.

Javier Blánquez

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