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8 / 10

Twin Sister  Colour Your Live INFINITE BEST

It is difficult to abandon the warm haze created by listening to this EP in order to analyse it with your consciousness in this reality. The first thing that comes to mind is the vast amount of tones and shades that these six tracks traverse, which at the same time are cohesive throughout the thirty minutes of the recording. Twin Sister, a young five-piece New York band (this is just their second EP), draw bedroom pop, sometimes steering away from the doted line but without getting messy. By mixing shoegaze, lo-fi, indietrónica and folk, the group builds songs to listen to in intimate surroundings: in your room, wearing your pyjamas, by low light. With the exception of “ Galaxy Plateau”, a six-minute instrumental of contained anxiety where the machines’ crunch makes you think they are capable of feeling, the recording is lead by the vocals and presence of singer Andrea Estella. Without being genius-like or pretentious, Estella has an incredible character in her lyrics and a total command of context. You give yourself to her whispers and phrases, delivered with a sweet disposition. “ Lady Daydream” seems to be just another female pop song until Estella declares, “ Even though I’m losing / Doesn’t make me a loser yet”, and if you were ten years younger this could be an adolescent anthem. “ Milk & Honey” is the summa cum laude, finding the exact recall point of The Stranglers, Grizzly Bear and Fiona Apple. Adult lullabies do exist, here’s the proof.

Mónica Franco

Twin Sister - Milk & Honey by blargot

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