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Oriol OriolCoconut Coast

8 / 10

Oriol Coconut Coast PLANET MU (ZIQ274, 12” + digital)

Jimmy Edgar has competition when it comes to being the official hormone-upsetter of electronic music. Oriol also knows how to make torrid and sexy music with stealthy breaks, Prince-style space-funk keyboards and pornflick melodies that makes one long for the heavenly tropical island the record title suggests. This new signing of Planet Mu, whose roots are in Spain though they grew up in London, is imagining orgies on the beach, bacchanals with clutches of grapes and slender Nubian ladies in bikinis, or dawn in some lost place in the Caribbean or Thailand where the sea breeze brings a tingling, frisky feeling. And it works. Because we already have the album (to be released days from now) for this kind of sensations, the best this first official Oriol 12” has to offer are the remixes, and everything is in the right place: Falty DL intensifies the groove by taking it to his usual 2step territory and adding Burial-esque vocals, Shortstuff tunes up the connection with Lycra London and the urban soul of the Locked On label in another remix that clearly owes everything to MJ Cole and Ed Case, and last but not least there is the reappearance of Jake Slazenger, the most torrid alter ego of Planet Mu’s head honcho (Mike Paradinas), in a rework that stays very close to the original, fully convinced that the electronic funk of the eighties was an adventurous sound and not the commercial cheese Chromeo are claiming. In the words of Nelly: “it’s gettin’ hot in herre”.

Ronald Fritze

Coconut Coast by oriol


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